"Sleep-Rocking: Stars of the Lid"

"Sleep-Rocking: Stars of the Lid"

"I'm a really big sports fan," says Wiltzie, causing the reporter to cough up Diet Coke from surprise. Wiltzie reels off his teams: the Cubs, the Spurs, the Dallas Stars (hockey = very macho). There's tennis, which he played competitively. And English Premier League football — soccer to you. Wiltzie likes that "there's a finality to it. We could always have two different opinions about music but in sports there's a winner and a loser."

What I want to know is, which EPL team does he support? If it's Tottenham, I may have to boo him at the show tomorrow night.

Robert Rich on Making a Living

I've never really been much a fan of his work, but Kevin Kelly has posted an interesting email from Robert Rich discussing how he's been able to make a living as a "microcelebrity."

So let's look a bit at the finances. If I can make about $5-$10 per download or directly sold CD, and I sell 1000, I clear a maximum of $10,000 for that year's effort. That's not a living. Let's say, after 20 concerts I net about $10,000 for three to four months worth of full time effort. That's not a living.

Ambient Music Links, April 2nd

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Ambient Music Links, March 24th

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Ambient Music Links, January 31st

  • Sounds of seclusion - Music - Entertainment - theage.com.au
    "Almost a decade has elapsed since Dupe - the composer, producer and musician behind the beauteous instrumental soundcraft of Saddleback - left Sydney for the south coast of New South Wales."
  • beaconsfield
    "Ten experimental sound artists are invited to explore in public the principles of self-cancellation in sound through conferencing, workshops and performance in London and Glasgow."

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From the Mailbox

Here are some things we've received lately in the Ambient Music Blog mailbox, presented for your perusal. Have a look, take a listen. There's a lot of free music you might not have heard here. The Secret Garden Project "We are an assorted bunch of ambient musicians from Australia and New Zealand who decided to put around 80 ambient tracks up for free download."

Sonanaut "I'm an artist from New York working under the name Sonanaut. I've written several albums, the music of which is currently in use in media (TV Radio etc) throughout the world. I've just released my debut commercial CD 'Sinking Upwards' on my own label IVSI Records. It's an album inspired by New York and my experiences here. The style is Ambient/Downtempo/Chillout"

redgreenblue "This is my instrumental project. I consider it a side project despite the fact that I have a finished redgreenblue album, ‘red’, but not a shane king album."

Onderuit Records "We.re a NetLabel from Madrid. All our music is for Free Downloading. We would like you to check our last project: X-Music"

Ambient Music Garden "I would like to let you know about my new site, Ambient Music Garden which is a download site for ambient and chillout music from a range of independent musicians. We sell our music to music lovers and therapists as well as license the music for use as backgrounds for websites, meditation CDs and retail outlets."

Lea Longo "I'm a canadian singer/songwriter and I would love to get a review if you like my music. It's called ZEN Voyage and it's an ambient , mediatative , mantra CD."

Paztech Records "I run a small record label called paztech records. I am now giving my music away for free with the hope of gaining some new listeners. The music i create ranges from ambient, electronic, techno, breakbeat and drum and bass."

Elian Music

Ambient Music Links, October 10th

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Dan Hill on Architectural Sound

If you work on the Web, as I do, then you're no doubt familiar with Dan Hill's work. He recently wrote a post on his outstanding City of Sound site discussing the importance of sound in landscape and architectural design. It's definitely interesting stuff for anyone interested in design, architecture, or the kind of music I talk about on this site. Related Postive Soundscapes Project