Deaf Raven

Have some music you'd like to have heard? The new Deaf Raven label is accepting submissions. "DEAF RAVEN is a two-body operated independent music collective based in New York & Atlanta, Georgia. Launched in late 2009, DEAF RAVEN focuses on getting sounds heard by the wide array of talent in the outer-limits of music & audible art: such as ambient, drone, electronica, noise, shoegaze, experimental & the avant garde. Although vinyl releases are planned for the future, our releases will consist of packaged silver CD's, 320kbps mp3/aac, & FLAC formats. We look forward to bringing a whole new light to the new & unknown sounds of the underground available for listening."

"My Hilarious Warner Bros. Royalty Statement"

Here's an interesting article from a fellow trying to figure out how much money his old band makes on digital downloads. "There’s a theory that labels and publishers deliberately avoid creating the transparent accounting systems today’s technology enables. Because accurately accounting to my silly little band would mean accurately accounting to the less silly bands that are recouped, and paying them more money as a result."

My Hilarious Warner Bros. Royalty Statement -

Lamenter by Sleeping Me

Sleeping Me "Thick, melancholic and evocatively haunting soundscapes created entirely by guitar, the music of Sleeping Me employs a balance of delicacy, power and gentle reverb to present an affecting sound that's resplendent in its warmth and fiery beauty. 'Lamenter', closely following stunning debut full-length 'Cradlesongs' on celebrated Australian imprint Hidden Shoal, proves that Sleeping Me's sound finds peace in even the most heartbreaking of circumstances, rarely has the devil's instrument of choice sounded so heavenly."

Lamenter by Sleeping Me (free download at

Anthem by Simon James French

Anthem by Simon James French "Heavily inspired by the compositional techniques of György Ligeti, Simon’s first release Anthem is full of dynamic movement and heavy textures that, in its entirety make for an ever changing body of work that invites the listener to fall headlong into this world of sinuous, melodic drones, evocative motifs and cleverly incorporated real-world sounds."

Anthem by Simon James French