New Music from Eluvium, Explosions In The Sky

I'm really looking forward to the release of a couple records coming in February from Brooklyn's own Temporary Residence Limited. One from everyone's favorite Texas post-rock outfit Explosions In The Sky, and another from one of my own personal favorite artists Eluvium. They'll both be available February 20th, 2007. Copia, Eluvium

All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone, Explosions In The Sky

The Eluvium record is titled Copia and the Explosions In The Sky record is All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone. A track is available from each for download:

Prelude For Time Feelers, Eluvium Welcome, Ghosts, Explosions In The Sky

You can preorder the records now or get in on the special Danuary Pack offer that gets you All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone and Copia, as well as Rob Crow's Living Well and Sketchi from Cex for $40.00USD, shipped.