Package from Temporary Residence Ltd.

Temporary Residence Ltd I came back from lunch today to find a package from Temporary Residence Ltd. sitting on my desk. As I mentioned back in January, new records from Explosions in the Sky and Eluvium are being released next week, and it looks like I got my copies a bit early (this is a different early than some people I know who got their hands on early mp3's via the Web. I try to avoid that, here at I'm 100% legit!). In addition to being a few days early, the nice folks in Brooklyn threw in a copy of Destroy Independent Music!, a Temporary Residence Ltd. compilation disc. This is a nice touch.

I haven't listened to the records yet, but I plan to do so over the weekend, and hope to have something to say about them here soon. Nonetheless, the packaging is nice, and getting music via good old United States Postal Service is kind of almost charming. It feels a bit more like I'm involved with the music, and it almost (almost!) makes me wish such a huge portion of my music comsumption wasn't through cold, hearltess download.