Tetsu Inoue

Tetsu Inoue, Yolo I've been listening to Yolo by Tetsu Inoue for the last few days, and I've been kind of enjoying it quite a bit. It's long and quiet and stretched out, but it's got these little bits of glitchy, nearly techno-sounding elements added in that give it a nice texture.

Tetsu Inoue, Ambian Otaku

Though I've had the record for quite a while, I'm really not sure why I haven't investigated this Japanese artist further. If you're new to ambient music and you're looking for a place to start, the first thing you should do is get Brian Eno's Ambient 1: Music for Airports. The next thing you should do is get Tetsu Inoue's mid-90's classic Ambient Otaku. Then put these records on the stereo and take a nap. Wake up, and you're three-quarters of the way towards being an ambient music afficiando.

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