Prelude 2, Dustin O'Halloran

Prelude 2, Dustin O’Halloran

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After logging in to eMusic to grab some links to records for a couple posts, I noticed that there was a new Dustin O'Halloran piece available. It just so happens that I had exactly 2 downloads remaining for the month, so I snatched up the 2 track Prelude 2. The piece was used in a European Audi commercial. The first track is the full work and the second is the shorter edit used in the commercial. It's nice stuff, and definitely worth a listen.

I thought for sure I had posted previously about O'Halloran's Piano Solos, but I haven't. It's a great record of, obviously, piano music. I just realized that he's also released a Piano Solos Vol. 2. It's not currently available on eMusic, so I'm in the process of tracking down a non DRM'ed version.

Here's the Audi commercial [youtube]

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