Kurr, Amiina If you know Amiina, you probably know them as the quirky and whimsical Icelandic band that opened for Sigur Ros. The female quartet mixes bells, harps, even wine glasses and saws, together with electronic and more traditional instruments to create really just lovely sounding stuff.

I don't yet have their latest release, their official debut album Kurr, but I do have both of their previous EP's Seoul and AnimaminA, and I think they're definitely worth your time. It looks like a few of the tracks from the EP's made their way onto the new full length album. I grabbed AnimaminA from eMusic, but unfortunately I had to resort to iTunes and DRM to get my hands on Seoul.

Kurr is set for a June 19th US release, and I'm looking forward to hearing the full thing.

Their record label Ever Records has set up a charming little site to promote the record, where you can stream a few tracks and get a free download of the track Rugla if you provide them with an email address. There's an interesting video to watch as well. Sadly, they've trapped all this content in Flash, so I can't give you any direct links.

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