Marsen Jules

Les Fleurs, Marsen Jules Marsen Jules is the alias of Martin Juhls, a German electronic musician. Back in January I downloaded Les Fleurs and found it fairly interesting. It mixes glitchy tech sounds and instrumentation with longer melodies and atmospheric sounds.

Golden, Marsen Jules

So when I came across a copy of the recently released follow up to Les Fleurs, Golden, I figured it would be worth a listen. Turns out I was right. It's more of the subtle glitchy sounds I liked in Les Fleurs, along with spare acoustic guitar melodies. And it's a bit more "electronic" sounding than some of the records I've been listening to lately, so it's a refreshing change of pace to all the piano and orchestration. You might call Golden minimal, but it certainly does not lack atmosphere or texture.

Juhls also produces and performs as krill.minima. Checkout the Marsen Jules site for more information and some free mp3 downloads.

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