Early Morning Migration, Ezekiel Honig & Morgan Packard

Early Morning Migration, Ezekiel Honig & Morgan Packard Occasionally, in the back of my mind, I get the feeling that I'm screwed because it turns out I've already listened to all the good ambient music, and I've got nothing new to write about here. The feeling is a bit silly, obviously, as is embarrassingly made clear to me as I stumble upon a record or artist I've never heard of before and am promptly blown away.

This happened to me a few days ago when I discovered Early Morning Migration, by Ezekiel Honig & Morgan Packard. It's a collaboration, except they didn't create the tracks together. Six are by Honig, and 5 are by Packard. The result is a long, slow, beautifully sad record full of subtlety and texture. This is really nice stuff, and I've already tracked down other work from both of these artists, about which there will be more here in the near future.

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