One River, Scott Solter

One River, Scott Solter One of the things that's nice about having a site like this is that someone who knows a whole lot more than you about things will find your site, and when you finally find out about the fact that they found your site, you get to take advantage of all the knowledge they've dumped onto the web over the years.

This happened this past week, via the excellent Asphalt Eden. The result is that I found out about One River, a 2006 release by Scott Solter.

Solter is a San Francisco based artist and studio engineer, and One River is an outstanding piece of ambient music. It stands up against any of the best drones from Stars of the Lid, Loscil, Eluvium, and etc. If you like only half of the stuff I talk about on this site, then you need to get yourself a copy of One River promptly.

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