Map in Hand, Seaworthy

Map in Hand, Seaworthy I've written about 12k records and Taylor Deupree previously, and this week in the mail arrived a another record from the New York label, this time Australian three-piece Seaworthy's Map in Hand. Straight from the 12k Web site:

Seaworthy, a three piece collective that revolves around core member Cameron Webb as well as Sam Shinazzi and Greg Bird, was formed in early 2000 to explore melodic and experimental approaches to the construction (and unravelling) of minimalist sound scapes from looped guitar, warm drones, piano, electronics and field recordings.

It's a set of 12 tracks of really high quality guitar drones and loops. This is top-notch stuff. Subtle and sophisticated, which is sometimes what you don't get when it comes to guitar based ambient music these days. I'll admit I'm really no longer a fan of having to actually pay for a disc to be produced and shipped to me, but the disc is packaged rather tastefully and was accompanied by a nice postcard promoting label-mate Pjusk's sart, a record I like as well.

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