Just a few things to note about changes here on the site. 1. I've begun pointing to MP3 downloads rather than The selection is much deeper now than it was when the service debuted. And you don't need to be a subscriber to grab a track or a full record. Seems more useful for more people. Also, if you end up downloading anything, a few pennies get kicked over to Ambient Music Blog.

2. Speaking of pennies, I'm experimenting with some ads on the site. So far they've been nothing to write home about, and I'm leaning towards maybe removing them at some point. But I'm giving them a go after being kind of opposed to the idea in principle for so long.

3. I've taken to just posting a record cover and a link to a place where you can hear the tracks. I'm not much interested in talking about these records. My hope is that you can trust that after a few years of doing this site, if I post a link to something, it's probably worth your time to have a listen. No sense in me getting in the way of that by trying to write clever things about how the record sounds. Just go listen yourself.

That's it. Lots of posts in the queue, thanks for reading, and I hope you find something worth listening to.