The Kinds of Things I Post Here

I've gotten a number of emails and (a smaller number of) comments lately from readers who have written to say they are finding music via the site that they hadn't heard of before. This is great, and I'm glad people are finding the posts useful. I also get a fair amount of submissions from artists from all over the world. This, too, is great.

I find it difficult to articulate the particular kind of music I'm interested in here. I also find it not particularly interesting to think and write about how music sounds. And so I'd rather you just have a listen and see if you think something is worth a download or purchase.

That said, I can definitely tell you maybe what kind of stuff I'm not interested in, because I get a number of submissions that are pretty wide of the mark. Here's maybe a checklist:

New-age Mystical Electro Nature-sounds Relaxing Sleep music

Anything with vocals, of almost any type, of which I make an exception for a band or two from Iceland, and only because their music is so goddamn good looking.

Things that sound like they came from outer space.

Chillout music

Anything you might hear at a rave.

I don't want to discourage submissions, but I thought it would be worth all of our time if I tried to talk about the kind of stuff I'm likely to post here, and the only way I can do that is by talking about the stuff I won't be posting here.

Maybe I've missed a few things? If you've got any ideas on expanding the above list, please do drop a note in the comments.