Deaf Raven

Have some music you'd like to have heard? The new Deaf Raven label is accepting submissions. "DEAF RAVEN is a two-body operated independent music collective based in New York & Atlanta, Georgia. Launched in late 2009, DEAF RAVEN focuses on getting sounds heard by the wide array of talent in the outer-limits of music & audible art: such as ambient, drone, electronica, noise, shoegaze, experimental & the avant garde. Although vinyl releases are planned for the future, our releases will consist of packaged silver CD's, 320kbps mp3/aac, & FLAC formats. We look forward to bringing a whole new light to the new & unknown sounds of the underground available for listening."

" is a label owned and operated by Vir Unis, John Koch-Northrup, and Matt McDonough working in concert with a team of dynamic and talented individuals to bring you the best in electronic music. AtmoWorks was founded in 2001." They've put out some nice work. Have a look around. I'll be featuring some of the records in particular in the coming weeks.