12k's Term Offers Free Downloads

12k Speaking of Taylor Deupree, Term is an interesting "Sublabel" from 12k featuring an "online series of MP3 releases made available for free downloads."

Artists include Sawako, Off the Sky, Sogar, and many more. I've had this bookmarked for quite some time and just hadn't gotten around to listening to any of it. Really nice stuff, and: Free!

Free Taylor Deupree Track to Welcome 2008

Taylor Deupree from 12k records has written a nice little track to say goodbye to 2007 and hello to 2008.

the piece, “untitled_1231″ was created with a small wooden xylophone, given to me as a christmas present from Keiichi Sugimoto (Fourcolor) and Sanae Yamasaki (Moskitoo), a small tone bell, and a single synthesizer patch. it was created and recorded live in about 15 minutes and i spent another 40 minutes or so on the mixing and production.

Download "untitled_1231".

Standing on a Hummingbird, Mark Templeton

Standing on a Hummingbird, Mark Templeton I'm usually not a big fan of glitchy type stuff. I find it a bit distracting, and for me a big part of good ambient music is that I sometimes don't even know it's playing. Mark Templeton's Standing on a Hummingbird has a fair amount of glitch in it, but strangely I find it to be comfortable. There are melodies and textures weaving around, and just as one is fragmented, the tension is relieved with something altogether different, like found sounds or new instrumentation. It's nice stuff, so please have a listen.

Here's a few mp3 downloads from previous work: Continue Later, Frail as Breath Drama Section, Frail as Breath

More available at fieldsawake.com/media.html

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Somewhere Someone Else, Wes Willenbring

A very nice recent acquisition via emusic.com is Somewhere Someone Else, by Wes Willenbring. The record has a really nice pace, and has a nice variety of instrumental sounds, from piano to guitar and on to more traditionally "ambient" sounding stuff. The record sounds maybe a bit "cold," but I mean that mostly in the way I meant when I was talking about the Angels of the Universe soundtrack. This means it might get pushed out of rotation for a while as spring and summer come along, but it's certainly something I see getting a lot of plays towards the end of the year. It's definitely something I recommend you have a listen to. Wes Willenbring's web site offers some tracks via streaming if you're not an emusic user.

New Music from Eluvium, Explosions In The Sky

I'm really looking forward to the release of a couple records coming in February from Brooklyn's own Temporary Residence Limited. One from everyone's favorite Texas post-rock outfit Explosions In The Sky, and another from one of my own personal favorite artists Eluvium. They'll both be available February 20th, 2007. Copia, Eluvium

All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone, Explosions In The Sky

The Eluvium record is titled Copia and the Explosions In The Sky record is All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone. A track is available from each for download:

Prelude For Time Feelers, Eluvium Welcome, Ghosts, Explosions In The Sky

You can preorder the records now or get in on the special Danuary Pack offer that gets you All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone and Copia, as well as Rob Crow's Living Well and Sketchi from Cex for $40.00USD, shipped.

New Stars of the Lid Record coming April 2, 2007

And Their Refinement of the Decline, Stars of the Lid Speaking of Stars of the Lid, their new record And Their Refinement of the Decline will be released April 2, 2007. If the kranky records website was built a bit better (read: without frames), I could link to things properly. Short of that, you can grab the free download of a track from this new 2 CD set below:

Download: Apreludes (in C Sharp Major) (.mp3)