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Anyone who has followed this site for a while knows it comes and goes, that I tend to take a few weeks here and there and not post anything. And that's mostly because I don't have much of an interest in posting during those times. I feel a touch bad about it, because I know how it is to follow sites and want to consistently get new stuff from them. But, in the long term, it's better for me, and therefore better for the site and hopefully for you if I follow my interests and not get caught up in the weight of expectation or guilt. So, in the meantime, hey, have a look at this new site:

Absolute Minimum: A blog of minimalist art, music, and literature

I've got a new podcast and some posts queued up, and they'll be along shortly. Thanks for reading.

Ambient Music Links, 11/3/08

  • u-cover records
    "since 1999 u-cover works on bringing fine electronic music to a worldwide audience. until 2008 we've realized this as u-cover records and a number of offshoots showcasing different setups and formats."
  • Spekk
    "Established in January 2004 by Nao Sugimoto (aka mondii) based in Tokyo, Japan. Spekk explores and focuses on various interpretations of minimalism ranging from experimental electronics, electro-acoustic to field recordings and unclassifiable tones... whether they are structured / non-structured or improvised / non-improvised or even just documents of phenomena. All the artwork is designed by mondii & uison in custom made book-shaped paper packs."
  • schole records
  • Infraction
  • [ Hypnos ] www.hypnos.com
    "hypnos.com is the home of Hypnos Recordings, now expanded to include sub-labels Binary (aka Hypnos/Binary) and also the Secret Sounds imprint (aka Hypnos Secret Sounds). This site also hosts a number of resources related to the music and the artists in the ambient/atmospheric scene."

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Interesting site I came across today. Tinysong.com is kind of like a TinyURL for streaming music. It looks like it pulls from the apparently new Grooveshark, which I'm not too familiar with. Type in a song title, artist, album, etc, and it lists songs available. Choose one from the list and it copies a short URL to your clipboard to use as you choose. Well done, and from the digging I did, it has a fair amount of ambient music from some of the more popular artists.

Interview with Drew Sullivan of Slow Dancing Society

I’ve always loved the idea of music that has a function or purpose.

Depending on what you mean by "purpose", I can't say I disagree. According to one of my favorite literary theory professors from undergrad, this places Mr. Sullivan firmly on the Augustine side of the great Kant vs. Augustine divide.

Me, I like to slide around depending on, oh, I don't know. Never really figured it out.

This post courtesy of Ambient Music Blog's number one, long time reader Dave P. Yo, Dave!

Ambient Music Links, August 8th

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