Ambient Music MySpace Blogs, In One Easy Place! MySpace is a great resource for music fans to get news and interact with musicians and artists. Unfortunately, the interface and architecture of MySpace leaves a lot to be desired, to be polite. Specifically, it's particularly difficult to create one space where you can keep up to date on things you're interested in. It's also not very good at decoupling the content from its presentation, which makes a Web and information guy like myself fairly uncomfortable.

One way I'm attempting to combat this is by using the little bit of RSS that MySpace makes available. I've begun to aggregate all the feeds of MySpace blogs I'm interested in, with the hopes of staying up to date on news. I've created an OPML file, and while it's not particularly useful for readers at the moment, I'm making it available because, you know, why not? In the future I'm planning on creating a more valuable presentation layer for the content, one that stays up to date and gives you only what you need. For now, there's a raw OPML file, or you can browse the feeds listing at

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