Loscil Makes Top Rate Ambient Music

I've been to Vancouver, CA, and it's a nice place. Scott Morgan is from Vancouver, and he makes really, really very nice records as Loscil. I've been listening to Loscil for quite a while, but I've recently been rediscovering just how fantastic his records are, and how absolutely in sync they are with my taste in ambient music. Long, really long, stretched out drones. All the albums are themed, at least as far as the track names are concerned. And it's really not a stretch to hear the themes coming through in the sounds. These are really like ambient concept albums. If you're reading this Web site, you're no doubt familiar with Mr. Morgan's work. But if you're new to ambient music, or you've heard some of the records but not all, you really should just get a hold of any and all of these. And, if you don't have any Loscil records, today is your lucky day! You can grab mp3's of Stases for free!

First Narrows, Loscil Plume, Loscil

Submers, Loscil Triple Point, Loscil

<a href="http://one.dot9.ca/2/releases.php?id=027"Stases, Loscil

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