Ambient Music Links, June 3rd

  • Stormy Records
    New version of the Detroit, Windy & Carl record store web site is up. "We have beautiful drones, ambient electronica, modern composers, noise and experimental music."
  • textura
    "Established in August 2004, textura is a monthly publication of experimental and electronic music-related reviews, interviews, articles, and images, some of which also appear in Grooves, Cyclic Defrost, and Signal To Noise."
  • Cendre :::
    "This release features a duet between Christian Fennesz [guitar/laptop] and Ryuichi Sakamoto [piano/laptop] - a continuing collaboration between two highly regarded composers."
  • Amiina | Live reviews | Guardian Unlimited Music
    "The pieces might be lullabies if they weren't so ecstatic - although it is an ecstasy measured out with awestruck, delicate precision."
  • the official amiina website!
    "We are 4 friends who met while studying at the Reykjavik College of Music in the 1990s. Since then, we?ve been playing all sorts of music with all sorts of people together."
  • Screaming Masterpiece
    "Whatever the explanation, the Icelanders have fostered a music scene with a sound and attitude that is all their own, mixing ancient dirges and contemporary electronics, rock, pop and classical influences, to produce their own eclectic style."

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