Help Joy Wants Eternity Book Some Shows

Just passing along this note from Joy Wants Eternity. Perhaps some of you reading from these locations can help out.

We need your help. Joy Wants Eternity is heading out on a month long tour in a few weeks and we need help booking a few remaining shows. If anybody wants to help out with a show we'd greatly appreciate it! Any suggestions for venues, bars, art spaces, DIY spaces, house shows, college dorms, in-store appearances, people to contact, bands, to play with, etc. would be awesome as well. We'd like to fill these dates with something rather than having a day off, so any ideas you have are encouraged! Here's the dates we need to fill:

Sept. 11th - Preferably Missoula, MT but we'd also do something in Spokane,WA Sept. 12th - in or around Billings, MT.

Sept. 17th - in or around Detroit, MI Sept. 29th - Nashville or Murfreesboro, TN.

Oct. 4th - Omaha or Lincoln, NE Oct. 7th - Boise, ID