Auditorium: Episode III

Auditorium: Episode III Friday, August 12th, 9pm-2am. $10 advance, $15 door. All ages welcome.

At Safe Harbor Studios in Soho. 446 Broadway 3rd Floor Between Grand St & Howard St

"Auditorium is a new loft party for lovers of ambient, experimental, downtempo and slow electroacoustic sounds. Expect an evening of inspired music, immersive eight-channel sound, enchanting lighting, surreal decor and mountains of pillows.

Our audiologists for the evening are Dimensions, o.blaat (Keiko Uenishi), Noveller (Sarah Lipstate), Nathan Wheeler, and Zemi17."

Kept Impulses - Barbican May 10th

A note about this arrived in my inbox, and though it's a touch outside the orbit of things here, it might be useful and/or interesting for those of you around London.

Kept Impulses Hauschka, James Blackshaw & Nancy Elizabeth + Special Guests 10 May 2010 / 19:30 Barbican Hall

"Cinematic suites of prepared piano, transcendental 12-string guitar and emotionally atmospheric songs from three musicians collaborating together for the first time in a contoured programme of ensemble and solo performances.

A one-off concert which brings together experimenal/ eltronica piano player Hauschka, guitarist James Blackshaw, and singer/songwriter Nancy Elizabeth in an extraordinarily fluid live collaboration."

(Live +) In Person

Stars of the Lid Live Show in NYC I have to say, I find seeing ambient artists doing live shows to be pretty boring. I find the music to be pretty useless without some context for, well, use. I'm falling pretty hard here into one side of what an old literary theory professor of mine called the Kant/St. Augustine divide, and I think that's fine. Maybe you have other ideas, and I think that's fine as well.

But I'm also pretty interested in expanding the spirit of what this site has been doing for the last few years, and so I'd like to start thinking about some ways of getting the music I point to on this site out from under your headphones and out into the actual world for use. But in a way that's a bit more indirect than promoting live shows. That's not very interesting to me.

So consider this an invitation for artists, designers, and anyone else reading to collaborate on some kind of project that applies ambient music to the world. I really have no idea what that means, but I'd like to try to do something. If you have an interest, or ideas, or anything, leave a comment, shoot me an email at ambientmusicblog at, or berate me via

Hammock & Taylor Deupree, Live in NYC

A couple of Ambient Music Blog favorites, Hammock and Taylor Deupree are teaming up to play a live show November 22nd in Williamsburg, Brooklyn at Monkeytown.

From the Monkeytown site:

"In a special north/south collaboration, Nashville, Tennessee’s melodic ambient duo Hammock and New York sound artist/photographer Taylor Deupree conjure up a stargazing soundtrack with captivating visuals."

Help Joy Wants Eternity Book Some Shows

Just passing along this note from Joy Wants Eternity. Perhaps some of you reading from these locations can help out.

We need your help. Joy Wants Eternity is heading out on a month long tour in a few weeks and we need help booking a few remaining shows. If anybody wants to help out with a show we'd greatly appreciate it! Any suggestions for venues, bars, art spaces, DIY spaces, house shows, college dorms, in-store appearances, people to contact, bands, to play with, etc. would be awesome as well. We'd like to fill these dates with something rather than having a day off, so any ideas you have are encouraged! Here's the dates we need to fill:

Sept. 11th - Preferably Missoula, MT but we'd also do something in Spokane,WA Sept. 12th - in or around Billings, MT.

Sept. 17th - in or around Detroit, MI Sept. 29th - Nashville or Murfreesboro, TN.

Oct. 4th - Omaha or Lincoln, NE Oct. 7th - Boise, ID

Stars of the Lid to play Wordless Music Series

Some exciting news for those of you in and around New York City:

Stay tuned for announcements regarding a number of Wordless Music events in 2008 with the Kranky Records institution Stars of the Lid, including their first New York Cityconcert appearance in seven years, and the expansion of the Wordless Music series into our third city nationwide. Also in the works: a series of free Wordless Music concerts at the historic Whitney Museum uptown.

I attended one of these shows back in the fall, and it was interesting and well done. Looking forward to what they put together for 2008.

See for more info.