File Festival 2009

file-festival "FILE HIPERSONICA, the festival's sonorous branch, is on it's 7th edition and intends to elaborate connections between the world of images, the world of sonorities and the world of texts. Sound installations and real time performances will be presented by a number of groups and collectives, comprising both erudite and pop electronic music, but also electronic compositions, sound poetry, radio art, video music and sonic landscapes, as well as Djs and VJs presenting their sets through specific apparatus and installations with experimental and immersive projections."

File Festival 2009

Guitar Center & TuneCore Contest

This came across my desk, and I thought it might be useful for those of you out there who are musicians. It's a chance to win a 2007 Ford Econoline, $5000 cash, Apple Macbook, year of internet access, $500 gas card, and a case of ramen noodles. The following is ripped straight from the press release:

To enter, bands can go to during the month of June and submit the following information:

• How your band could benefit from a new ride • Your best tour story or best tour story of the future • 10 things your band would always have in the van • The dedication of your band members to its craft

Good luck!