Ambient Music & Post-Rock Photos

I'm a big fan of photo sharing site Flickr, and one good way to learn more about the music I listen to has been to look for photos of artists I'm familiar with. I recently took a look at my 4 Star+ playlist in iTunes and tried to see how many photos I could come up with. The results are below. See how many PowerBooks you can spot! General Photos tagged Ambient Music Photos tagged Postrock

Artists Explosions in the Sky Eluvium Dustin O'halloran Sigur Ros Keith Fullerton Whitman Windy & Carl Sogar Boards of Canada Mapstation Takagi Masakatsu Labradford Jan Jelinek Chiheihata Keyama Ogurusu Norihide Gregg Kowalsky Fennesz Jochem Paap This Will Destroy You